A downloadable asset pack

Here is my animation for the Search for a Star competition.

I've used a Space Mech Soldier rig to create four different animation states to fit the brief.

"Idle" - The Soldier looks around as he hoists his gun into the air.

"Powering Up" - He dives into a forward roll to get into a low, kneeling attack position.

"Release" - A volley of shots is released towards the target.

"Recovery" - He climbs back to his feet with a flashy reload of the gun.


I've really enjoyed undertaking the project and feel like I've learnt quite a bit along the way.  Hope you enjoy and I appreciate any feedback, thanks.

In the Unreal Project, the animations are all linked together in a sequence which is in the "cinematics" folder.






Space Mech.pdf 1 MB
Space_Mech_Zip.zip 63 MB

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